Hi. My name is Aimee. Let's get weird. 

I'm a Jersey-bred Boston journalist with passion for storytelling, good food and a big travel itch. Raised in the shadows of the Empire State Building and NYC skyline, I enjoy Legend of Zelda and Batman video games, searing a good steak and sipping red wine while reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

Armed with a B.S. in Print Journalism and a minor in Anthropology from Boston University, I've covered everything from protests and breaking news, like the Boston Marathon Bombings, to tech culture and business

It's my belief that words should cause a whole body experience. You should touch, taste and feel each and every word – that's how you really get a feel for the story. Backed by a photographic eye, I aim to create that experience for anyone who come across my work.

Looking to tell a story? 

Email me at AOrtizMedia@gmail.com, send me at a tweet @Aimee_Ortiz or just connect with me on LinkedIn, I've got you covered.