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Bill Nye Describes His Love of Bumblebees and Disdain for All-Nighters

December 2014 | Bill Nye the Science Guy talks college, bumblebees and climate change ahead of his appearance at Wilbur Theatre on Dec. 18.  

A Bunch of Dogs Hung Out With Santa in Boston This Weekend and We’ve Got the Photos to Prove It

December 2014 | Dog owners brought their four-legged friends to meet Santa at the Santa Paws event held by Assembly Row and SOMDog. 

Boston Indie Game Designers Launch ‘Elegy for a Dead World,’ Educational Experience Ensues

December 2014 | On Nov. 25, local video game developer, Dejobaan Games, announced that all accredited academic institutions will receive 25 free downloads of their game, Elegy for a Dead World.

A Night Out With InquisEATive: Boston’s Restaurant Discovery Platform

November 2014 | One of Boston's newest start-ups, InquisEATive, lets you taste the menu without risking your budget. Here's what you can expect on a night out with them. 

Boston Comedy Festival Stand-Ups Describe ‘The Worst I Ever Bombed’

November 2014 | The Boston Comedy Festival has officially arrived! So before you go off to hear the newest comedy talent, hear how the professionals handled their worst bombs. 

From Swanson to Selleck: The 10 Best Mustaches of 2014

November 2014 | November is, of course, Movember. And to celebrate this fine hairy month, we've compiled the best mustaches of 2014. 

Boston Palestine Film Festival Aims to Tell Stories Beyond the Conflict

October 2014 | In a turbulent year for Palestine, Boston screens films dealing with conflict and much more all week long.

Boston Fashion Week 2014: What to Wear and Where to Go

October 2014 | Colors, fabrics, gems and stones – in three days, Boston is kicking off its 20th Fashion Week at the W Hotel. Here's how you can prepare for Boston's most stylish week.