Articles from The Christian Science Monitor

Has Facebook figured out smart phones? Wall Street thinks so.

May 2013 | Facebook announced a $219 million quarterly profit. What has the social network done right?

You know Saul Bass, even if you've never heard of him

May 2013 | Saul Bass had a huge role in modern design. Today's Google doodle pays homage to some of his work, but it only scratches the surface. The man, who would have turned 93 on Wednesday, created some of Hollywood's most iconic opening credits and corporate America's most recognizable logos.

Wearable tech: How three designers weave technology into fashion

April 2013 | These three designers have created novel ways to incorporate the ever-changing world of technology into the fast-paced world of fashion. Their clothes make music, change shape, and monitor your heart. 

Ella Fitzgerald: From runaway pauper to Queen of Jazz

April 2013 | Google honors the "First Lady of Song" today. Ella Fitzgerald would have turned 96 on Thursday and the Internet search engine giant celebrates with her very own doodle.

Reddit slammed by massive online attack

April 2013 | Reddit, the 'front page of the Internet,' is under a heavy distributed denial-of-service attack today.

Edward Gorey: writer, artist, and a most puzzling man (+video)

February 2013 | Edward Gorey was a man of contradictions. He inspired marginalized groups with his illustrations and words. Yet, for all his dark humor, Gorey’s quirks were simultaneously normal and baffling.

Racist Google ads? New study links names to negative ads.

February 2013 | A Harvard University professor's new study finds that Google ads might have a racial bias. What does it mean for Google users?

BlackBerry: Re-named and re-designed, but can BB10 save the company? (+video)

January 2013 | BlackBerry 10 has finally arrived and with it came a bundle of surprises.