Articles from The Voice of Downtown Boston

Boston Calling Spring 2014: Bigger, Better, and Three Days Long

May 2014 | It’s back! Bigger, better and now a day longer, Boston Calling is officially rolling back into town, and its schedule of events is a doozy!

First Date Ideas in Downtown Boston: From Quirky to Classy

March 2014 | Though some may not want to admit it, first dates can be great. The feeling of a new relationship or friendship, a new person, and new possibilities is an exciting prospect.

Meet Boston’s Next Mayor: Marty Walsh

January 2014 | In November, Marty Walsh won a historic election and secured himself a spot in history as Boston’s first new mayor in two decades. So, who is the man who plans on leading Boston for at least the next four years?

Caffè Nero Coming Soon (and Other New Places to Eat Downtown in 2014)

February 2014 | Downtown Crossing is expecting to see a flurry of new businesses open in 2014. Among these are an array of restaurants and specialty shops offering an assortment of gastronomic delights.

Comedy Shows in Boston Highlight Hollywood Stars

February 2014 | It’s a growing trend in this city…if you want good food and even better drinks in the city, you have to head downtown. But, did you know it is also the best place for comedy shows in Boston?

   Paint Nite ®: For the Artist in All of Us

January 2014 | Boston’s biting winds and low temperatures make the winter a difficult season for outdoor fun. So while you’re mulling over indoor plans in downtown Boston with your friends, why not think about something different? Try your hand at Paint Nite.

   The Holiday Office Party: Where’s Your Downtown Rendezvous?

November 2014 | Every year, office workers are privy to a glorious and (sometimes) rare sight—the less-than-sober boss. Well, maybe it depends on your company, but for me one thing remains certain: Office holiday parties are the best. Chock full of good food, specialty drinks, and entertainment, the holiday office party gives workers a way to relax and celebrate their achievements to round out the year.